How Does Work Really Happen Today?

Strategy is one thing. Execution is another. The challenge is blending both. Both are required because teams are critical, and often hidden, capability inside the company. How you work together drives the future state of your business, and evolves people to close skills gaps. However, most organizations fund departments and not the performance work teams they need to get there. As companies evolve to compete in the experience economy, savvy leaders are driving how work teams are defined, resourced, managed, and run as if their future depends on it -- because it does.


High Performing Work Groups: Driving Outcomes Together

We don’t take our responsibility lightly.  People need to work with purpose and intention to help the organization win. Groups are assembled to accelerate innovation. They must contribute to the business outcomes. But that’s easier said than done. Here’s what to expect when working with us, as we apply the core values that define us…

Plan & Strategy

We help you define clear objectives linking every team to business strategy


We ensure clear roles and responsibilities to streamline team action


We ensure team accountability to the corporate mission and outcomes


We coach team leaders to align individual strengths to achieve team goals


We simplify team communications and streamline interactions

We help adopt procedures and methods to convert ideas to outputs

Total Measures

We ensure team measures align to performance and production results


We align workflow and talent mobility technologies to enable team success


We provide frameworks, checklists, and guides to equip team members


Years Experience


Teams Enabled


% Revenue Increase


Voice of Team Rating

About Team Capital Partners

We’ve always done things a little differently at Team Capital Partners.

We didn’t start the business because we have all the answers. We started helping teams-work because we’re passionately curious about freeing businesses from the shackles of the industrial revolution.

We’ve grown our business on a set of three building blocks:

  1. Enjoy the perspectives,
  2. Create reality, and
  3. Achieve great work.

More about team capital

Not only do these blocks serve as our model for consulting, but they’ve also created a culture that values team unity and collaboration. We enjoy working alongside you to create massive opportunities within your business.

We’re often brought in because teams are asked to innovate or integrate. We’re also brought into the toughest teams to intervene, focus, and drive impact wherever teams struggle.

Reduce Execution Lag

Team Capital Partners has developed 15+ years of experience, methods, and procedures working alongside high-performing growth teams in sales, marketing, and services. We partner with leaders and teams to mitigate risk, overcome barriers to execution, and accelerate growth strategies through performance. We understand both people and the purpose of business to blend both together and accelerate strategy. We are often brought in to organizations who must transform culture and skills to out-run market forces.

WHO WE ARE - Team Capital Partners

We blend consulting, services, and training to improve team performance, discipline, and results.

We believe commercial growth is a team sport, which is why we don’t just work for you, we work with you to uncover hidden barriers and new ideas to optimize how teams engage, scale, and win so you can compete in a digital world.


Domain Expertise

Strategic Shifts

  • Companies are going through tectonic changes, driven by market forces and aggressive competition.  Buyers are more educated than ever before.  Government mandates, supplier changes, evolution in technology, and shifts in the overall economy drive changes to business strategy. That means leaders must equip their people to adapt and maintain productivity while contributing the right impact.

Commercial Growth Environments

  • Customers don’t care how you’re organized. They just want the value. That means the commercial process must blend value communications, process, technology and information to close the gap to buyers faster and more efficiently than the competition. These challenges mean that people must work differently to produce the right value. Strategies must be activated cross-functionally, requiring a clear focus on your business’s mission and outcomes.

Product Launches

  • We’re in the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution, driving transformation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices combined with the latest smart technologies such as big data, and internet-of-things.  These capabilities create new solutions to generate, leverage and utilize actionable data and information and create new value. That value must be communicated and sold, which means that sales and marketing teams need to get up to speed quickly while also embracing new comfort zones.


  • When companies employ an acquisition strategy to gain market share, acquire greater resources, and ensure business expansion, they must integrate people, process, and technologies to ensure execution.  Understanding the value of functions, roles, and people requires outlining the process, skills, and contributions of people.


Teams need to thrive in every industry going through change. Digital disruption, accelerated knowledge work, machine learning, and cyber-human systems creating opportunities to organize work differently to accelerate business impact.

Whatever your situation, we’ve got a solution that fits your strategy to build team capital. Whether you’re growing and you need a more formal team structure, or you’re seeking some sound advice about team performance, we have the experience to understand your needs and help teams become more productive.

We serve a variety of industries, ensuring that regardless of the type of organization, we’re equipped to meet your unique Team Capital needs with the right skills, innovation, and exceptional experience.

  • Technology
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Professional Services