When it comes time to transform your business, it has to start with a change in mindset as well. Change cannot happen until employees adopt a growth mindset to help the company transform with ease. Understanding a growth mindset vs fixed mindset will equip business leaders with the knowledge needed to transform their companies for the better.

What is the background on the growth mindset?

Carol Dweck, a Stanford psychologist, researched how our mindsets can have a positive or negative effect on us. She and her team studied how students approached and reacted to failure. During their research, they noticed that some students would rebound while other students became completely devastated by failing. As a result, Dweck discovered the “growth mindset” and the “fixed mindset” in order to describe the subconscious and conscious beliefs people have about learning and intelligence.

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset. What’s the difference?

Understanding the differences between a growth mindset vs. fixed mindset is advantageous for any business leader. The difference between the two are as follows:

  • Fixed Mindset is the belief that people have fixed traits (intelligence, success, skills, character) that cannot be changed in any meaningful way. It is the assumption that a person is born with a certain amount of skills and intelligence that cannot be improved to enhance their success. People with a fixed mindset tend to want to look smart, which leads them to avoid challenges, give up easily, see effort as fruitless, ignore criticism, and feel threatened by others’ successes. Fixed mindsets allow the person to plateau early and not be as successful as they could be.
  • Growth Mindset is the belief that intelligence and skills are adaptable by overcoming challenges to achieve success. A growth mindset includes the desire to learn, to embrace change, to persist in the face of setbacks, to see effort as the path to mastery, to learn from criticism, and to find lessons and inspiration in the success of others in order to achieve higher achievement levels.

How to instill a growth mindset in a company?

As a business executive, you are in charge of instilling a growth mindset in your organizational culture. To successfully inspire your employees to adopt a growth mindset vs fixed mindset, consider the following points:

  • Make sure that you encourage your employees to learn from their mistakes and overcome them. Challenge your employees to be better than they were yesterday. Praise them when they accomplish an achievement. Promote personal growth so they can be their best selves every day at their job and beyond.
  • Become a resource for your employees to use as a resource to help them grow. Do not become an authoritative figure who is only obsessed with their image as the leader.
  • Instill courage in your employees day-by-day. Coach them through tasks they find daunting and lead them to be courageous in their everyday work.

Successfully integrating a growth mindset relies on how business executives choose to communicate with and lead their staff. If done correctly, your staff will be open to change and overcome any obstacles that may stand in the way during a business transformation. At Team Capital Partners, we understand how important it is to instill a growth mindset vs fixed mindset within your organization. Want to learn more about how to instill a growth mindset in your employees? Join our newsletter for more updates!