Team Excellence Package

The efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s core management processes can change a company’s fortunes, yet those very management processes often don't support or align to business objectives.  Individual and institutional biases and clunky group dynamics can diminish with the effectiveness of the team and its processes. We can help.


30% of Executives

Believe management processes support the achievement of goals(Source: McKinsey)

74% of CEOs

Are concerned about the availability of key skills(Source: PWC)

65% of Team Members

Say work is cross-functional across organizational boundaries (Source: Deloitte)

Integrated Teams

Execute Strategy

by clarifying the "why", pursuing outcomes, and calibrating action

Increase Business Impact

by shifting to a team-based operating model to improve performance between departments.

Simplify Complexity

by promoting multidisciplinary collaboration and empowering decision-making.

Clarify Expectations

by creating the "right practice" to tackle challenges and remove barriers.

Align Leaders to Goals

by selecting and developing team leaders who have a growth mindset to be iterative, open, inclusive, and effective.

Enable Performers

to change their focus from “climbing the ladder” to growing from experience to experience by adding the right value.

What Our Clients Say

Operations Executive

"How teams work is critical. As we integrated an acquisition and needed to get them up-to-speed, we were able to bring Talent Capital Partners in to help. We were able to move quickly and bring the right people along."

Large System Integrator

Enablement Leader

"We really needed to work better across many functions including sales, marketing, HR, and product. With Talent Capital Partners, we learned the importance and impact of orchestrating outcomes."

Logistics Company

Sales Leader

"Working with Team Capital Partners really confirmed what we're doing well - more importantly, where we have opportunities to do better as we work with marketing, HR, and other groups."

SaaS Company

Overview: Integration Path





  • Baseline Current State
  • Accelerate Key Initiatives
  • Team Culture Workshop
  • Design Thinking Workshop
  • Clarify Teaming Procedures
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Cross-Functional Synergy
  • Team Monitoring


  • Bold, fast action
  • Pragmatic approach
  • Fe-frame "winning"
  • Active resource allocation
  • Match talent to value
  • Organizational alignment
  • Improve business acumen
  • Operational improvements
  • Combine speed + stability
  • Increase resilience
  • Address cognitive bias
  • Listening & empathy
  • Build new muscle-memory
  • Faster decision-making
  • Streamline workflows
  • Higher quality outputs
  • Visibility into progress
  • Identify blind-spots



    Integration Path Outcomes

    We ensure performance work teams are:

    • Mission and goal-focused
    • Prioritizing the right goals at the right moments
    • Guiding the narrative by confronting reality
    • Driving results by design, not effort
    • Unlocking energy and creating momentum
    • Catalyzing change through collaboration