Take the assessment and get immediate recommendations you need to help people row together and take unified action.  Get the visibility you need to understand if people are doing the right things, and if they are fully activating their ability to work together.

Enabling Group Performance

People need to come together and complete a team assessment to achieve goals and win. Everyone wants to be successful, work hard and contribute something.  Whether it’s building out their technical capabilities, making decisions that impact the broader organization, or accelerating growth and innovation, group-work is critical.

Many times, people don’t report into the same line manager. There is a whole group of leaders and people who work across organizational boundaries.  They focus on outcomes and results, and work together to achieve impact — regardless of where they report into.  These groups of people need help galvanizing, activating, and maintaining momentum.

Build something great — together.

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Introducing the Activation Assessment

Your window into how groups work

Here’s what you get:

IMMEDIATE ACCESS:  Your report is available upon completion. You will receive a PDF via EMAIL once you complete.

BENCHMARKS  - The assessment helps you compare yourself to specific benchmarks aligned to your
  • Industry: the database has scores from all industries
  • Team: Your specific "team type" aligned to the group's charter
  • Role: Team leader or team member
These benchmarks are included in the final report.
BASELINES - The assessment helps you baseline the group across:
  • Four areas of activation in areas such as alignment, focus, growth, and achievement
  • Eight dimensions of activation covering all aspects of high performing teams including strengths, culture, contributions, and more
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COACHING & GUIDANCE - The assessment provides tailored guidance and specific advice based on your scores.   You will receive:
  • Organizational considerations
  • Individual considerations
  • Advice to galvanize the team
  • Guidance on chartering a team successfully
  • Tailored questions to ask yourself - for team leaders and team members
  • The Team Capital Partners Activation Model - including descriptions you can use with your team
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3 Minute Overview: