Team Leaders Package

Team leaders play a critical role in any organization where cross-functional work is required.  Their ability to navigate, orchestrate, and coordinate requires a commitment to outcomes and an ongoing pursuit of excellence. Team Leaders keep a team on track by choosing the right team members, setting goals, providing clear direction, and removing barriers to team performance.


60% of Work Teams

Fail due to lack of strong leadership
(Source: Ken Blanchard Company)

45% of Workers

Disengage without strong team leadership
(Source: SHRM)

86% of Executives

Cite lack of collaboration for workplace failures

We Help Team Leaders Activate:

improving the way team members identify, create, and build the right solutions to achieve objectives.

Goals & Objectives

focusing team members on the overall mission and outcomes going forward.

Team Selection

focusing on skills required to cross-functionally achieve goals

Impact Measures

providing visibility into people contributions to team impact.

Tools & Technology

supporting team workflows, communications, collaboration, and reporting to facilitate give-and-get

Performance Culture

driving team outcomes, transparency, and trust to achieve corporate goals.

What Our Clients Say:

Business Unit Leader

"With TCP's help, we developed a healthy sense of collegiality, mutual trust, and respect for performance that is starting to pervade through the rest of the organization."

Mid Sized Transporation Unit

Senior VP

"While each team member was extremely talented, they just didn't seem to be on the same page without me inserting myself. Team Capital Partners were able to help them work without me in the day-to-day"

Mid Size Software Company

Senior Director

"When we took a step back and looked at what was happening, we realized our teams were under-resourced, isolated, and expected to work magic. The work with Team Capital Partners helped us work through the top-to-bottom focus on outcomes so our best people could work on our most important initiatives -- regardless of functional department"

Fortune 500 Telecommunications Company






  • Team Workflow Diagnostic
  • Acceleration Workshop
  • Team Leader Coaching
  • Team Member Selection
  • Teaming Charter & Norms
  • Cross-Functional Skill Builds


    • Prioritized actions
    • Common frameworks
    • Clear communication
    • Consistent cadence
    • Focused discipline
    • Aligned strengths
    • Two-way learning
    • Clear charter and goals
    • Empathy & listening skills
    • Cross-function perspective
    • Team leader skill building
    • Support existing initiatives
    • Innovation velocity



    Activation Path Outcomes

    We ensure team leaders are:

    • Mission and goal-focused
    • Prioritizing the right goals at the right moments
    • Guiding the narrative by confronting reality
    • Driving results by design, not effort
    • Unlocking energy and creating momentum
    • Catalyzing change through collaboration