Team Members Package

Team performers are critical to the success of any team. The strengths, skills, mindset, and perspective of each person is important to team achievement.  People participating on teams must have the skills to ask the right questions, discuss various and differing perspectives, and see beyond the obvious.  They must also contribute to team outcomes and understand how the sum of the parts is greater than the whole


15% of Companies

Have a strong talent bench
(Source: DDI)

84% of Senior Executives

Believe work teams are “not very effective”
(Source: CCL)

14% of CEOs

Believe they have the right talent to execute
(Source: Forbes)

We Help Team Members Engage:


providing a path forward to gain momentum while creating leverage.


ensuring team members and key stakeholders are supporting each other driving results.

Team Members

achieving results together with ongoing focus, effort, and engagement.

Individual & Team Strengths

providing team members the environment to thrive while working toward team results.

Different Perspectives

understanding different thoughts and ideas to help uncover blind-spots and create "A-ha'" moments.

Creative Work

innovating outputs and deliverables with each others to help create unity, cohesion, and focus.

What Our Clients Say:

Technical Project Manager

"I believe we're all leaders. The training and coaching I received from TCP help me see that we're all producers and consumers to one another. I now see what critical relationships need to exist are and more importantly, why."

Large Retailer

Creative Writer

"I've always heard about the importance of teams and also seen a lot of buzz. I didn't really know what it meant to contribute on a team until working with Team Capital Partners. They stretched me and they also met me where I was. I'm really thankful for the opportunity.

Mid Sized Manufacturing Company

Instructional Designer

"We're all taught that teams are great. To be honest, my greatest team experiences were outside of work on my childhood sports teams. Working with Team Capital Partners has renewed my passion for participating with others. It's a lot less confrontational to collaborate now."

Large Financial Services Company






Need to improve teaming skills?

  • Team skills diagnostic
  • Performance team training
  • Team & strength profiles
  • Frameworks


    • Allocation of effort
    • Role clarity alignment
    • Prioritization and goals
    • Improved visibility
    • Leadership skills
    • Industry knowledge
    • Creative & design thinking
    • Listening & empathy skills
    • Common frameworks
    • Trust building agreements
    • Business acumen
    • Problem solving
    • Accountability & goals
    • Self-awareness & empathy



    Remote Work

    Engagement Path Outcomes

    We ensure team members are:

    • Mission and goal-focused
    • Engaging in the right work at the right moments
    • Contributing to the narrative by sharing perspective
    • Driving results by contributing the right work
    • Staying engaged to create the right momentum
    • Pursuing the outcome through collaboration