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Our services have been created to support teams as the modern-day factory for knowledge work.  Teams, not departments, are responsible for driving outcomes. In most organizations, the way that teams work to convert the wisdom of team members into business impact is largely misunderstood and very often mismanaged - creating barriers to your ongoing success.


Modernize Teams

From elevated customer expectations and disruptive technologies to increased competition, businesses today are more at risk from competitive pressures than ever before. It’s time to adapt or die.

Whether you’re experiencing challenges with developing consistent team culture, deploying collaborative processes, or need a new operating model to realize your envisioned future, we’re here to help.

Our productivity & performance consulting services help you to adjust the internal fabric of your company in order to succeed in today’s volatile, uncertain, and complex landscape. No matter the threats you might be facing, our frameworks to re-frame thinking, procedures to embed teamwork skills, and strategies to break down functional silos can help maximize or accelerate innovation within your existing functional operation.

Navigating Team Performance Challenges -Together

When it comes to the impact of digital transformation, high-growth, and re-alignment, value realization and simplification efforts need to drive the right outcomes at the right altitude.

Here are the most important outcomes to drive, based on our research and work with hundreds of teams:

Correct Measures

Team measures & contributions are linked to outcomes


Culture overcomes change fatigue


Teams staffed based on skills not "who's available"


Leaders see and value individual contribution


Performance barriers are objectively addressed


Team members are clear and focused on the right things


Approaches align to strengths and skills


Collaboration is a process with guidelines

Multiplicative Effort

Teams are accountable for strategic value

We galvanize people, processes, and information

Successfully navigating the impacts on change begins by understanding your baseline team challenges and clarifying business outcomes to create clarity on issues and identify opportunities. We work with you to establish a compelling and inspiring vision for teams, so we can partner to accelerate execution.  That means you build a culture of agility, accelerated execution, and team outcomes. You don’t have to do it alone — we work with you as an extension of your team to help you engage people, elevate value, and extend impact to scale.


We love our clients.

Teams Services - Team Capital Partners

One Word : Partner

Our name encapsulates everything that we strive to be for your company as we position ourselves as your partner on your road to success. In the truest sense of a high performing partnership, a collaborative environment has been created to ensure complete clarity and trust throughout the teams. TCP has does an exceptional job at integrating and adapting; they are not seen as a consultant but, rather as a member of the team



Team Capital Consulting Services are structured to address a company’s end-to-end, cross-functional services and workflows.


Productivity Strategy

To guide your company towards its envisioned future, you need a Team Capital roadmap.  We’ll help you understand your market, customer, and business insights while developing a compelling vision, strategy, and overall blueprint to drive competitive advantage with your teams.


Collaboration Excellence

How your company manages team production depends on having the best structure to help your organization deliver the right know-how and skills and the correct time. Together, we’ll dive into your current workflows and team production approaches across departments to ensure that teams create consistent, measurable productivity and performance.

Ways to Create Agile Team Success

People and Change

Knowledge workers and leaders are responsible for producing value. Even more so when business dynamics change. Whether your company is undergoing a significant transformation or you need to strengthen your culture, we’ll help your leaders enable and empower teams to thrive and help your people adopt without rebelling.


Process Alignment

How do you align execution to team strategy and accelerate value realization through teams? From team management to project delivery, we’ll work with you to implement a portfolio of enterprise results linking team performance to business outcomes in an agile, rapid, and value-driven manner.


Our Work

Looking for examples of how we help our clients become stronger, more resilient, and more valuable to both their customers and their employees? Here are recent success stories:

  • Sales Conversation Transformation: Improving Sales & Service Conversations. Team: Sales, marketing, product, professional services, operations
  • Improving Team Engagement and Trust. Team: Operations and L&D
  • Commercial Transformation Initiative to Sustain Historic Growth. Team: Executive, Sales, Human Resources, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance, Operations

Transforming your operation or business?

Learn what it takes to achieve successful transformation.  Explore how to elevate Team Capital in your organization and help leaders and teams contribute to results.

Foster Business Agility Within Your Organization’s DNA

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Help performers contribute the right blend of speed and quality in knowledge work

Engage the Team

People hold onto the past when they aren't shown the path forward. We have tailored training and services specifically designed to help team members acquire the skills they need to be successful in modern work.


Help leaders embed multiplicative collaboration to drive results and create team culture

Help Team Collaborate

Teams struggle without solid team leadership. We blend services and consulting to help team leaders embed multiplicative collaboration, discipline, and focus to achieve team results.


Help teams integrate and accelerate to achieve business outcomes

Team Wins

Without the right processes and procedures teams will fail to leverage multiplicative collaboration and fall-to reach targets. We remove barriers and simplify work to achieve breakthrough performance.


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